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About Us

PC Build It was started by Sam, an avid gamer, who had built his own gaming computer upgrading as he gained experience. Sam realized some of his friends were great gamers but would be better if they had a custom-built PC. This was something he could do for them – PC Build It.

PC Build It offers a range to suit the beginner and the more advanced gamers. The best gaming PC will allow you to play the games you most enjoy.

As you find yourself wanting more from every game you play and you gain more experience you can upgrade to a new machine. With the PC Build It Game On Series you can improve your machine with an upgrade of individual components (we will advise the best configuration) This could be higher-definition graphics, the opportunity to download and store more games, or the ability to live stream while you play. These aren’t the sort of things you can get from any ordinary PC.

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Sam was talking about his custom-built computers to someone who mentioned the problem for any business was speed and reliability. The Enterprise 1 Office PC was created to be fast, reliable, and also future-proofed.

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